Superb IT Support in Lehi, UT

It takes a special type of technician to work in the fast-paced help desk environment.

Our Tier III technicans do support right

Focused on Customer Service
  • Netswat's technicians work quickly, but will stop and treat your call like it's the only one received today.
  • There is no geek speak, just real words that you can understand. With this there is a clear understanding of what to expect, when it will be resolved and whatever else may be needed.
  • Netswat's tier III technicians will often finish simple requests while you're still on the phone
  • Regardless of which technician worked with you last, Netswat's help desk system ensures that every Netswat technician is on the same page allowing them to better serve you.
Woman receiving IT services in Lehi, UT
Our Triage System

Netswat's help desk has the processes in place to ensure that whatever emergency is occurring the right technician can quickly resolve it for you.

  • Our Triage System helps diagnose and dispatch the issue to the right person for the quickest resolution.
  • You will never hear "I'll have to check" Or "I've never seen that before!"
  • Our Triage System runs like a well-oiled machine, ready to react when you need them, so you can get back to running your business.
Customer Support
Superior Help Desk Tools
  • Our ticketing system allow for quick tracking of service tickets to help find any repeating issues and fix them before they cause another interruption.
  • Our simple "Ask for Help" tool quickly allows our technicians to pinpoint who is making the request and on what machine. You will no longer have to repeat basic information every time.
  • Our robust and automated system monitors your servers and infrastructure allowing for patching and updates to just work.
Customer Support

Netswat makes I.T. Simple

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