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Protecting you and your computer systems multiple ways from every angle

Security is like oxygen. you don't notice it until it's gone

Our tested, tried and true multi layered IT security approach
  • Real Time Anti-Virus - Netswat's antivirus is constantly checking files and emails as they are opened on your computer. This helps stop anything that may of slipped through the other layers of security.
  • Firewall Security - Netswat's firewalls acts as a gatekeeper at the edge of your network inspect all incoming traffic. Anything that that isn't explicitly marked as valid traffic is blocked.
  • Unified Threat Management Appliances - Netswat's active security applications run on your system's network looking for suspicious behavior which if found is immediately reported to a tier III Netswat technician.
  • Safe browsing - Every employee has mistakenly clicked something they shouldn't at some point. Netswat's safe browsing prevents damage that would have occurred by automatically scanning what is being browsed and blocking any potentially harmful websites.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 security monitoring - All the security in the world is useless if someone isn't actively monitoring the system for events that should be acted upon.
  • Anti-Spam - Email is the most common way viruses are spread throughout the internet, a good security plan takes that into account at the mail server and has very strict filtering rules.
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