Much like layering clothing to protect yourself from the elements, computer systems need layers of protection to keep them safe from attackers. In the day of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), new malware created by the day, and ransom ware such as CryptoWall, small businesses need to be much more vigilant in protecting valuable company resources from viruses, malware, botnets, hackers, and other threats. This can no longer be accomplished by just getting an antivirus solution from your local big box store. This must be handled with layered security, including such devices as;


  1. Netswat Safe Browsing – The first line of defense for blocking dangerous websites, botnet blocking, and preventing malware from leaking data to the internet.
  2. Unified Threat Management (UTM) Appliances – Your second line of defense for real-time scanning of incoming data for viruses and known threats.
  3. Antivirus – The last line of defense for your computer system. If a threat makes it through the first two layers, it can be picked up and removed by your Antivirus solution.
  4. And of course, vigilant monitoring of all the above.


Utilizing the proper layered security approach will cut downtime of resources, speed up company resources, and save you, as the business owner, from costly data corruption or theft. At Netswat we simplify this greatly by including it all in our Diamond support package, so you as the business owner don’t have to worry about system security. We believe doing so will cut support costs and increase employee productivity, as well as giving your business the best line of defense on the market for protecting all of your computer resources.